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A monthly newsletter w precise info for picking a well diversified securities portfolio including a dashboard showing expected rewards.

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Project Description

About this project

There are many web services that provide investment advice for the independent investor, yet most of the time this advice is too general, or more often than not “good” advice is mixed with “not so good” advice. Either there is too much information or information is mixed with misinformation – and that confuses investors.

Most investors are also not aware of the spectrum of tools available for investment analysis. Considering the fact that markets are getting tougher, long hours must be invested to make a good analysis and pick winning securities.

Video Tutorial: Sample Asset Allocation using one algorithm:

Sample CAPM Analysis:

Silvia Ohana’s monthly P (Portfolio) Newsletter provides investors with a precise list of securities and percentages that makes up a well diversified portfolio that yields rewards in the short as well as in the long term. The analysis includes a dashboard of visual analytics showing historical performance and expected returns. The S (Security) Newsletter & the P (Portfolio) Newsletter include a list of hot securities and securities to watch out for. The analysis included in the P Newsletter uses state of the art technology, and for most investors will provide new insights on the market.

It is important to stress that the algorithms which yielded great results a year ago, or a few years ago, and were made available to the big investment houses, are not likely to yield favorable results today. This is the reason why it is important to keep some secrecy as to the algorithms which yield favorable results. The average investor has tougher time picking winners because there is a lot more automated algorithmic trading – which is not available for the small investor.

Sample analysis with constraints:

Please note: The development software I use is a much more powerful version of the development software used in the video demos shown above. (The software used above is an in-house development early version).

** 10% of revenues shall be donated to the poor and to the orphan.

Thank you for watching!

Risks and challenges

The risk that comes with completing my project is one – God forbid I fall ill. Since I am the person doing the analysis and am the one with the experience, and since much of investment analysis is kept as a trade secret, much falls on the individual. This is equivalent to a fund manager’s job – he himself does the analysis and uses his expert knowledge and the risk is similar – he has to remain alive and in good health. Well, I am young and healthy and science is an exciting pastime for me.

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